Ocean Re
Ocean Re

Corporate Responsibility

At Ocean Re, we consistently pursue our business-guiding principle of turning risk into value. It determines the way we deal with the risks and opportunities presented every day. We are committed to sustainable management, to the development of appropriate solutions and reinsurance products, to environmental protection, and to fulfilling our social responsibilities.

The COSO framework will be adopted, since it is based on the evaluation of risks and opportunities as part of the corporate objectives and strategies. The company already has important elements of an ERM process in place, such as:

  • Strong corporate governance
  • Well-defined risk policy, including appetite and tolerance
  • Internal committees in place

Our most immediate step will be to identify and list all potential risks, as seen through the eyes of each member of the staff, the board of directors and the shareholders, to consider their potential impact and probability of occurrence, and to create a map of quadrants (frequency and impact), allowing for prioritization and treatment.