OceanRe seeks to maintain stable and transparent relationships with clients through local offices.

OceanRe continues to expand its global footprint with the inauguration of their new representative office in Moscow as part of its growth strategy to achieve a more relevant position in the reinsurance industry.

This new subsidiary is located at 4th Lesnoy Lane in Moscow, and is managed by a specialized and professional representative, Denis Nikolaystev, Head of Representative Office, who has a comprehensive experience with underwriting processes and methodic brand development. He also owns a profitable portfolio of Property and Engineering businesses, two of the more frequent lines of reinsurance business in Russia, and has a deep knowledge of the local market.

“The goal OceanRe seeks is to achieve a local presence in all the countries we handle operations, in order to offer flexible and prompt assistance to all our clients and an immediate business relationship with brokers” mentioned Nikolaystev.

OceanRe’s approach is to establish long term and transparent relationships with all their clients. This lineal inauguration of the representative offices around the world, will contribute to the globalization of the brand and its current operations, which are ultimately key factors for attracting new customers and experiences at a global level.

OceanRe’s operations will now have an exponential reach and every client will be able to use this as an advantage to participate in different markets and get involved in different types of businesses.
The reinsurance company is in constant growth and continuously exploring the future of the risk business, as changes in the risk landscape are substantial and frequent. Throughout the years, Ocean Re has pioneered many innovative solutions so that these constant and abrupt changes will not affect the way they make business.

The continuous opening of representative offices around the world and the development of these new solutions, mean great progress for Ocean Re in expanding its reinsurance footprint globally, allowing them to continue adapting its services into different markets to become much more recognized in the reinsurance business.